Through art ResistFest seeks to engage people in political discussion, create art and community, resist the republican agenda, and empower people to represent themselves. 

ResistFest was inspired by PARK(ing) Day in San Francisco and other big cities. We were interested in exploring a creative space inspired by activists living rooms. Most of our member activists have been meeting in their homes to work together to take political action and we wanted to recreate that on a larger scale. Each 'parklet' is inspired by the issues each group is working on.  

Check back as we are still building our site and will be adding a How to Guide to help you make a ResistFest in your city!

Santa Cruz Indivisible's first ResistFest took place on September 23, 2017 and is a community event that uses art to facilitate political discussion and build community.

Video by Austen Paul and music by Nathan Altice.


The Citizen-ship/USS DREAMERS was created by Sara and Clif Friedlander, Daniella Wolfe, and Kirby Scudder.

Video by Nardo Cruz on 2017-09-24.

Santa Cruz Indivisible's first ever ResistFest took place Saturday September 23, 2017. Here are the participants.


Kristine Albrecht | Hildy Bernstein | Russel Brutsche | Mary Alice Copp | Myra EastmanDavid Flemming | Rachel Forrest | Sara Friedlander | Cliff Friedlander | Angela Gleason | Amanda Harris Altice | Lidia Hasenhauer | Aisha Hudson | Dee Hooker | Juan Carlos Ibarra | Carson Kelly | Lucien Kubo | Ralph Lazar |  John McKinley | Ina Nadborny | Nadine Nimitz | Elijah PfotenhauerFelicia Rice | Cynthia Sugarena | Barbara Schatan | Kirby ScudderSandy Shaw | Peggy Snider | Lisa Swerling | Donna Thompson | Susan Vaughn | Terry Michael Walker | Helen Wallace | Daniella Wolfe

Print | Organize | Protest (P.O.P.): Janina Larenas | Subjects to Change: Jamie Keil | Kids Art Congress: Emily Coren | Guerrilla Printmaking: Melissa West

Special thanks to all the artists from Artists Respond and Resist Together | ARRT for all the volunteer help, support, and art


Cement Ship | Kevin Craft | Paul Damon | G_K-C | KHAN | Lyrical I | Mesha L & SPC-CDT | Nexus | Ra-be | Average Jill | Coleen Douglas 

ResistFest Gold Sponsor

Thank you to Saybubble for the generous sponsorship to support ResistFest!

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